Tech Spotlight: Walmart testing giant BOPIS kiosk

Walmart often tests new concepts and in-store features near its Arkansas headquarters, and now it's placed a massive kiosk in Store #1 that is intended to facilitate in-store pickup for online orders. 

The kiosk automates in-store pick up by dispensing the order without human assistance. 

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At more than 15 ft. tall, the device has an imposing presence. The store removed part of the ceiling to accommodate. 

Shoppers who choose to pick up online purchases at this location can use the kiosk to check in and request their items using an order number. Products are delivered through a window and confirmation requested. 

The kiosk is so new, the appropriate interfaces aren't yet created to facilitate the transaction and communicate the process to shoppers, as Field Agent discovered when trying to use the service. 

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BOPIS is fast becoming the most used online feature, driving store visits and incremental purchases. Facilitating the process is a top priority for retailers in general and Walmart in particular. 

"We know speed and convenience are important to our customers, and we're always looking for new ways to bring it to them," Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg told Business Insider. "We are excited to be one of the first companies to test this new technology and are looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers and associates."