Three-quarters of consumers willing to buy products through TV

Between Video On Demand, linear cable, over-the-top content and directly casting personal devices to the guestroom TV, which are guests most interested in? The answer: All of the above.
76% are willing to shop via television ads and shows.

It seems U.S. consumers are very interested in purchasing products directly from TV commercials and programs. According to a new television commerce study by Connekt, consumers are ready and willing, but are not yet aware that they are able to. 

The study found that 76% of respondents would shop through their TVs in real time if it were an option and 66% would be most likely to purchase products in ads, versus 35% would be most likely to buy objects features in shows. 

The connected TV market is projected to reach 260 million devices by 2020, making the platform ripe for retail marketers. And even as soon as 2018, 42% of respondents are willing to buy products through their TV. 

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Why television? TV is easy and 74% of consumers said that convenience ranked first and the ability to buy immediately ranked second with 66%. Other reasons for buying via television include cool new technology and the ability to be comfortable when making a purchase. 

Household goods ranked at the top of goods 76% of respondents would be most likely to purchase from their TV, followed by consumer electronics, 67%; clothing, 47%; and home and garden, 44%. 

It seems that consumers are still confused though by the process and almost 80% surveyed said they are not familiar with technology that would enable them to buy products using a TV remote. 

"Until just recently, purchasing products with your television remote was not possible, so t-commerce is a new frontier for consumers and, like any new technology, there is a learning curve," Tripp Boyle, senior vice president for Connekt, told FierceRetail. "We found with our survey, however, that they’re highly interested in buying products through their TVs, so we expect to see t-commerce adoption sharply increase in the next couple of years."

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For those that did purchase via TV in 2017, using the ShopTVTM application, most purchased items included the Amazon Echo, Kohler digital showering system, Ray-Ban Chromatic sunglasses and the Spark Mini Drone by DJI.

But consumers are not the only ones behind the curve.

"We don’t see retailers taking full advantage of TV as a sales channel," Boyle said. "Retailers are still using the television platform mainly as a vehicle to drive awareness of their products and offers, but not as a direct path to purchase. T-commerce opens up a new buying channel on the TV and, as of right now, the vast majority of retailers have not enabled that channel."