Shopkick adds mobile browsing rewards

Shopkick is now offering partner rewards for consumers who browse or shop via mobile.

Shopping reward app Shopkick is known for giving consumers free gift cards for walking into stores and interacting with products in the aisle. Now the company has launched rewards for mobile browsing and buying. 

The rewards points, known as kicks, are available from retail and brand partners such as Boxed, eBay, Groupon and Spring. Through a mobile device, consumers have three new ways to earn kicks:

  1. Earn on entry, meaning consumers earn rewards just by visiting a mobile retail partner.
  2. Earn rewards for browsing partner offers.
  3. Earn at checkout, meaning purchases made via mobile will come with a bonus of kicks. 

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The goal for Shopkick is to introduce new partners to its audience while also pushing mobile purchases. During an initial test of mobile shopping, 79% of users would visit new mobile retailers to get kicks. Also, 78% of those users said they intend to use Shopkick more frequently. As many as 67% said they would sneak something extra into their online card in order to earn kicks.

“By being the only company who offers rewards for mobile browsing, we are innovating in the arena where consumer attention is increasingly focused,” said Bill Demas, CEO of Shopkick. “Rewards give users value back for the time they spend engaging with us and our partners—and everyone wins.” 

Demas said that Shopkick added the mobile rewards because consumers were asking for it. 

"Our consumers told us that they would also love to get rewards for mobile shopping as well, and now we can be their rewarding companion anytime anywhere, from the couch to the store," he told FierceRetail.

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Shopkick believes the program is also a great marketing tool for partners, as it drives awareness and incentives for consumers to visit partner sites and make purchases. The program addresses all points in the marketing funnel, from awareness to consideration to conversion, delivering great ROI for brands and retailers. In beta tests, some users spent hundreds of dollars in a single visit. 

“Think of every time you’ve checked out an interesting product on your phone,” said Demas. “Now think of what you’d do the next time, if it’d help you get closer to a free latte or Coach bag. That’s the magic.”

Why now? Button (Shopkick's mobile partnership platform) co-founder and CRO Mike Dudas said that mobile sales are expected to hit $160 billion this year and will only continue to grow. 

“Intent to purchase, whether it’s shown through a search, inspired by an article, or created through offering rewards, is what retailers are trying to tap into anywhere they can in mobile. Button’s platform makes it faster and easier for them to do so, and it gives partners like Shopkick the power to tap into the fastest growing trend in digital—the mobile economy," Dudas said.