Salesfloor's enhanced platform utilizes sales associate recommendations

Customer Service
While sales associates used to strictly do their jobs in-store, they are now faced with influencing and serving consumers online as well.

Salesfloor, a retail technology platform that enables customers to shop online directly with their local stores and associates, has made recent enhancements that include helping retailers access new data created when associates recommend products, highlighting top items recommended by associates to online shoppers and integrating associates through native websites. 

“We’re excited to see retailers using Salesfloor to unlock and redefine the role of their store associates. These new features set our company apart as the only retail technology platform that allows customers to shop online with their local store and associate,” said Oscar Sachs, co-founder and CEO of Salesfloor. “When retailers leverage associate recommendation data and embed native Salesfloor services on their websites, the customer wins with seamless experiences online and in-store.”  

Sales associates are a vital part of the retail process, says Sachs. They are the brand experts who are trained to know the ins and outs of every product their retailer sells. 

“When sales associates engage with shoppers, they also become trusted advisors. This gives them a very powerful opportunity to influence consumer purchases, from what color shirt a shopper should buy to what additional accessories the shopper needs to complete the outfit. Because of this power, sales associates are able to drive increased sales while developing meaningful relationships with shoppers that turn them into repeat customers,” he said. 

While sales associates used to strictly do their jobs in-store, they are now faced with influencing and serving consumers online as well. Platforms such as Salesfloor bring sales associates online to directly connect with shoppers. A new enhancement allows retailers to access data created when sales associates recommend products to customers.

First, a new reporting module added to the Salesfloor Backoffice shows the total number of product recommendations made by associates as well as customer engagement metrics for items recommended via live chat, messages and Digital Storefronts. 

Second, a new section displays the most recommended items by all associates to online shoppers. Trending recommendations are updated daily on storefronts and displayed by popularity. 

Third, a new format allows associates to connect with customers via their own native buttons, custom banners or call-to-actions within their website pages. Also, connecting with local associates through live chat, appointment requests or messaging becomes a more embedded online experience. 

“The ultimate goal is to help retailers better leverage associates online, especially their influence and recommendations, to drive omnichannel sales. With the new advancements, retailers can access new data about associate recommendations, highlight top recommended items by associates to online shoppers and better connect online shoppers with local stores and associates through native web integrations,” Sachs said.