Pottery Barn launches augmented reality, 3D design

Pottery Barn's new apps aim to bring their products to life in the digital space.

Parent company Williams-Sonoma announced its first Tango Augmented Reality application and 3D room design with product visualization tools for Pottery Barn. 

The 3D Room View will launch this month and is the company's first smartphone augmented reality app, powered by Tango from Google. The 3D design and visualization tools include Design Your Perfect Desk for the PBteen brand and 360 Spin for Pottery Barn consumers.

"Our brands have always been a source of inspiration for customers, and we’re excited to enhance that experience by introducing the latest AR technology and visualization tools to help customers design a room by envisioning how Pottery Barn products will look and fit in their actual space,” said John Strain, executive VP, chief digital and technology officer of Williams-Sonoma. “Our vision is to offer innovative shopping and design capabilities across all Williams-Sonoma, Inc. brands, starting with Pottery Barn and PBteen this spring.”

At launch, the 3D Room View will focus on the living room and then add additional spaces throughout the year. The app will allow customers to see how products would look in an existing room with their current decor or start from scratch with an empty room. Initial features include adding, moving and removing furniture, rugs, lamps and pillows. Users will also have the ability to change the color of the upholstery or pillows as well as zoom in to see details or finishes. 

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Customers can also use 3D Room View with help from trained associates at select Pottery Barn stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

360 Spin by Pottery Barn and Design Your Perfect Desk by PBteen will also be available this month on the web and mobile. With 360 Spin, customers can view Pottery Barn sofas from all angles, with 120 styles available to start and new ones added every week. With Design Your Perfect Desk, PBteen customers can select a desk and build a room around it, including painting walls and adding accessories. 

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A representative from Williams-Sonoma told FierceRetail that the launch of Pottery Barn's AR app and 3D Room View are key examples of how the company is experimenting with new technology to enhance customers' experiences and bring products to life in the digital space. 

"Our vision is to implement the latest technology to offer innovative shopping experiences and design tools across WSI brands. Through AR technology, we’re able to take inspiration to a new level and give customers an interactive room visualization tool that allows them to envision how Pottery Barn products will look and fit in their actual space," said the representative.