Paul & Shark's warehouse productivity improves 150% warehouse
Paul & Shark was also able to decrease energy consumption and reduce noise levels in the warehouse.

Recently, fashion brand Paul & Shark teamed up with Interroll Group to improve warehouse automation. Interroll’s smart modular conveyor platform helped increase Paul & Shark’s productivity by 150%. 

The luxury sportswear brand, known for its Made in Italy label, prides itself on high-performance technical materials that are sold globally throughout 250 flagship stores. The company was looking to increase performance at a key production and distribution center in a cost-effective way. 

“Delivery times were longer and there was a clear need for a reliable solution that would boost productivity and shipping processes,” a spokesperson from Paul & Shark parent company DAMA SpA told FierceRetail.

The 27,000-square-meter warehouse, stored in DAMA’s central warehouse in Casciago, Italy, has multiple levels and is subdivided into areas for different material handling tasks. The newest platform is designed with a made-to-measure system in order to optimize the workflow and increase efficiency. 

"We needed to implement an automated system for sorting, closing and labeling packages, with the aim of drastically reducing delivery times, boosting productivity and shipping with greater reliability. Alpi Sistemi and Interroll worked together brilliantly to achieve this, creating a system that surpassed my expectations in terms of functionality, quietness and energy consumption,” said Andrea Di Cesare, head of logistics and operations at DAMA SpA.

Integrations into the line include automatic weighing, barcode reading, volume measuring and labeling. The company was also able to decrease energy consumption and reduce noise levels in the warehouse.

In addition, Interroll’s platform can be used as a basis for retrofitting systems, allowing new or updated solutions to integrate with the current system, with little to no disruption to the flow of materials.

“Some retailers overlook the competitive edge that efficient fulfillment processes can provide,” said the spokesperson. “Modern automated conveyor systems improve the receiving, packaging and shipping of orders—enabling retailer and brands to scale more efficiently and adapt quickly to changes in demand. Efficiency of these processes not only decrease costs but also can lead to positive brand image when products are delivered accurately and on-time. For e-commerce, it is important for retailers to constantly consider ways they can update their warehouses to reduce space requirements, increase performance in distribution centers and reduce energy consumption in the area of internal logistics.”