Lowes Foods' coupon redemption up 422% with e-commerce integration

The platform allows consumers to "clip" coupons and add them to their eCommerce cart.

Carolinas-based grocery Lowes Foods has reported a rapid increase in coupon usage after embedding coupon redemption into their online shopping program.

In the six weeks since instituting the new program, Lowes Foods has experienced a 422% increase in average coupon redemption compared to the six weeks prior to launch.

In addition, the supermarket reported a 242% increase in average unique clippers for the same time period.

Following the launch of a partnership with Unata's Integrated Coupons, Lowes Foods became the first grocer to embed Inmar's digital coupons directly into Unata's eCommerce and eCircular experiences.

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The new platform allows consumers to "clip" coupons as they shop and add them to their eCommerce cart. Then, as they see and add products that apply, the redemption is awarded automatically at online checkout or when they scan their loyalty card in a physical store. In addition, the online cart's total automatically factors in the coupons, more accurately reflecting the true total for the consumer.

“We implemented this experience as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible customer experience and we are thrilled to see our guests embracing this so quickly,” said Klaus Werner, senior VP and CIO of Alex Lee, a parent company of Lowes Foods. “It’s clear that this was a missing piece from our offering and we’re thrilled to be the first grocery retailer to offer this capability.”

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Lowes Foods joins the growing number of supermarkets embracing the power of digital couponing, such as Wegmans, Bi-Lo and Kroger.

The rising popularity of couponing is good news for retailers as consumers that heavily shop using digital coupons actually shop 47% more often and spend 114% more than the national average, according to a report by Coupons.com and GfK Group.