Lowe's spring catalog goes virtual

Lowe's Iris app demo
Lowe's takes another step into the world of AR. (Lowe's)

Lowe's just released View in Your Space, an augmented-reality application for ARCore-enabled devices that allows users to see items from the retailer's spring catalog in their homes before they buy. 

Using Lowe's proprietary 3D technology, consumers can place lifelike, size-accurate products in selected areas and instantly see if the item would fit, match its surroundings, etc. Plus, the products adjust in size as users interact with them. And the view adjusts as well: If the user walks closer, the product details become clearer and if he walks away, the view is also from a distance. 

Lowe's created the AR product based on the research showing that customers take several weeks to decide on big-ticket purchases such as patio furniture. So with View in Your Space, Lowe's hopes to alleviate this guess period. 

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The platform is available for any ARCore-equipped consumer with the Lowe's app. While browsing products in the app, a customer is prompted to scan her surroundings, wait a few seconds as the item changes into AR, and then drag and tap the product into the desired spot. Then, an icon in the lower right-hand corner allows the consumer to add the item to her shopping cart. 

Lowe's research shows that $70 billion worth of home improvement projects are stalled every year due to lack of design assistance. "Lowe's is helping customers break through barriers and get their projects to completion," wrote Amy Kreis in the Lowe's newsroom. 

Lowe's has made great strides in technology, mobile and AR in the past few years, starting with the launch of its VR Holoroom at the start of 2016. As a result, the company's smart home membership jumped 40% in 2017.