Lord & Taylor flagship launches dress shop

A rotating pop-up shop will have installations that change quarterly.

Lord & Taylor has launched The Dress Address, a 30,000-square-foot dress shop at its flagship location on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The fifth floor of that store was redesigned to be devoted entirely to dresses for all occasions. It also includes a rotating pop-up shop, a concierge and The Gallery, a space for designer dresses.

"For our customers, Lord & Taylor has always been about the dress," said Liz Rodbell, president of Lord & Taylor and Hudson's Bay. "Dresses are the core of Lord & Taylor's DNS and the launch of The Dress Address provides a tremendous opportunity to offer customers the most fabulous assortment of dresses." 

The Gallery is unique in that it has its own exclusive branding and packaging, complimentary alterations and luxurious robes. Spacious personal shopping suites can accommodate small groups trying on garments together. 

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The rotating pop-up shop will launch with designs by Cameron Silver, co-founder of Decades. The installation will be rotated quarterly; the next installment will be Paper Crown, designed by Lauren Conrad. 

An onsite concierge will greet customers and connect them with personal stylists. 

The entire space is screened off into different zones. In total, there are 35 fitting rooms outfitted with call buttons, selfie sticks and illuminated mirrors with adjustable lighting for day, home, office and night. 

This is not the upscale chain's first test of new technology. In 2014, Lord & Taylor launched a mobile app tied to in-store beacons that offers personalized deals to customers.