EBay launches new personalization tool

Ebay office exterior
EBay released a new tool to improve personalization. (Lin Cheong / CC BY 2.0)

EBay has launched a new personalization tool called Interests, which helps tailor the shopping experience based on a consumer's passions, hobbies and style. 

Using data and algorithms, eBay has created hundreds of shopping themes and the features transform users' home pages with themes and items the platform has chosen for them. 

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"Today, people want shopping to be tailored to their unique interests and needs. With over 1 billion listings, from cars to sunglasses, our goal is to help shoppers easily discover things they love while removing from their experience items that aren’t relevant to their personal tastes," Bradford Shellhammer, eBay’s head of personalization, told FierceRetail. "Shoppers can now browse and be inspired by a store built just for them, based on what they’re actually into."

Customization starts with the user answering a few questions that are then matched with growing partners. Interests can be accessed through eBay's mobile app in the U.S. In the coming months, new platforms will roll out including mobile-web and desktop for consumers around the world. 

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Moving forward, Shellhammer says that eBay will continue improving recommendations for each shopper as they engage with the Interest themes. EBay currently has 171 million users and 1.1 billion listings in inventory. 

"We will also evolve the themes based on how our passionate communities of buyers shop. Personalization will play an increasing role in the entire eBay experience, from what is recommended on the home page to how we interact with our buyers," he said.