Clarks' new tech improves in-store response time

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Clarks improves customer service with new barcode technology.

Shoe retailer Clarks announced that by using augmented reality and machine learning, the company has improved in-store response times between associates and customers.

In partnership with Scandit, the in-store scanning solution has been deployed across Clarks retail outlets in the U.K. The technology is the Stock Assist app, which helps sales teams, using tablets, to quickly look up if a customer's shoe choice is in the stock at the location or not. 

Through a simple barcode scan, the app also gives sales associates price, product imagery and other product information. The barcode can also be used by back room staff to get product information for stocking shelves. 

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Thus far, the Scandit app is being used in more than 500 locations, including about 4,000 tablets. Clarks plans to roll out the technology to 12 new stores in the near future. 

“Clarks is a great example of how our Barcode Scanner SDK can be incorporated into a dedicated app and designed to deliver immediate information and feedback from the back office to the shop floor," said Andrew Getter, UK sales manager at Scandit. "Shoppers are accustomed to receiving first-class service at Clarks, so adding further efficiency into the process simply enhances the customer experience. We hope to see our barcode scanning abilities used even more widely within Clarks as our relationship builds.”