Bloomingdale's reduces safety claims by one-third

Manager touching a clear screen with human resources concepts on it
Bloomingdale's is changing its business through better employee training. (Getty/NicoElNino)

Bloomingdale's has teamed up with Axonify in order to better train staff and reduce overall safety claims. Through the partnership, Bloomingdale's was able to attribute one-third of its safety claim reductions to training efforts on the Axonify Microlearning platform. Overall, the company estimated $3 million in savings a year using the platform. 

According to a recent Axonify study, 71% of shoppers said they feel that retail associates aren't knowledgeable or helpful. So the company has set out to change that, one retailer at a time. 

Axonify can now link employee learning, behavior change and business results through Impact. The new platform uses big data and machine learning to better understand the impact of training programs on overall revenue or a decrease in retail expenditures. 

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“Understanding precisely how employee learning contributes to the bottom line has eluded learning and business leaders, until now. With Axonify Impact, organizations can pinpoint which learning programs are generating results and by how much, in real dollars, said Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify. “Now, learning professionals and their business stakeholders can leverage the same big data principles and machine learning intelligence used to digitally transform other business functions and entire industries, to identify learning’s direct impact on business results.”

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Axonify Impact offers real-time recommendations to alert managers when a business target is at risk. Plus, the system automatically adapts learning to the employees that need it the most in the areas that they need the most help with. Some examples are assisting employees in increasing their sales or decreasing unsafe incidents. 

According to Chad McIntosh, VP of asset protection and risk management of Bloomingdale’s, the luxury chain is always looking for better ways to measure the effect employee training programs are having on the business. Using Axonify has helped tie these efforts directly back to results and easily point out what can be done to improve sales.