Bloomingdale's has implemented a new platform to reduce safety claims by one-third.

Goodwill is using the latest technology to capitalize on its store associates and gain a greater portion of shoppers' wallets.

Working with Descartes to improve delivery logistics, The Home Depot was able to boost e-commerce revenue in under a year.

Mergers and acquisitions in 2018 are primarily being guided by retailers' strong need for next-generation technology.

Two-thirds of senior IT decision-makers believe that retailers that fail to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) will lose their competitive edge.

KFC has migrated its payments system in the U.S. to a new approach, where cardholder data is routed around the POS to protect personal information.

Four years after introducing its domestic money-transfer service, Walmart is giving consumers the opportunity to transfer money worldwide.

Last week, Apple announced the release of an iOS update that allows consumers and brands to iMessage using Apple Business Chat.