The pressure coming from e-commerce sales has affected not only the profits of physical stores but also how the executives running them are paid.

The highest retail sales in September were seen in the area of building supplies, up 7.7% year over year.

Drybar unveiled a new styling and product concept shop in Bethesda, Maryland.

Thus far, more than 55 retailers have confirmed that they will not be open for sales on Thanksgiving Day 2017.

Black Friday will once again be the busiest shopping day of the year, followed by the two Saturdays preceding Christmas.

While Macy's is helping to better the experience for loyal shoppers, is it missing the big picture when it comes to fixing its traffic and sales problems?

DSW has announced the beginning of a new brand mission focused on a more engaging customer experience.

Sephora, JustFab and Walmart topped the list of 100 retailers for the best personalization and customer experience.