Warby Parker, Bonobos have big store expansion plans

The Warby Parker Readery in NYC

Bonobos and Warby Parker have taken successful online operations into the realm of brick and mortar, and executives for each have revealed plans to open hundreds more. 

Warby Parker could someday have 800 to 1,000 stores and Bonobos aims to operate 100 locations by 2020, according to the The Wall Street Journal

Both operate physical locations as showrooms with no inventory. The stores are simply opportunities for shoppers to engage with product and staff, then orders are placed online and delivered to the customer. 

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Warby Parker has 37 locations and plans to add 13 more by the end of this year, according to co-founder Neil Blumenthal. 

Bonobos, which calls its stores "guideshops," has more conservative plans. It will end this year with 32 stores and CEO Andy Dunn said in May he expects to operate 40 units by 2017. 

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"We started and thought we were a pure play dot com and we discovered that dot com is very challenging," Dunn said at the ShopTalk conference in Las Vegas. "We were telling ourselves that the Bonobos experience was better because it was online only. Once we put in a fitting room in our lobby, we realized we were wrong."