Tech support driving new interest in Best Buy

Best Buy's new logo and tech support are helping to boost sales. (Best Buy)

Best Buy made a big jump in driving consumer interest when it announced the start of its unlimited tech support program last month. Simultaneously, the company launched a new logo and an ad campaign focused on customer service. And it seems the new approach may be working. 

According to the latest data from YouGov BrandIndex, the number of U.S. adults interested in making a purchase from Best Buy on May 21—the day before it announced the new tech support service—was 37%. In June, U.S. adults interest has risen to 49%. 

Also, the company's satisfaction score has jumped from a 38 in May to a 47 in June. This is the highest satisfaction score for Best Buy since early 2015. 

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In addition, 78% of U.S. consumers who purchased from Best Buy in the last 90 days value the opinions of experts to help with buying decisions, compared to 66% of U.S. adults in general. 

So why the clear gain of interest in shopping at Best Buy?

“With more smart devices and appliances hitting the market each year, it seems likely that consumers are going to need assistance setting them up and troubleshooting when things go wrong,” Ted Marzilli, CEO of data products at YouGov, told FierceRetail. “There’s a good chance Best Buy’s new unlimited Geek Squad tech support membership plan is addressing this demand. The company’s recent rebranding efforts and ad campaign focused on customer service probably help, too.”    

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And Marzilli believes there is a good chance that interest in Best Buy and its new services will continue to grow. 

“If customers are happy with the service and momentum continues to spread past the initial launch, Best Buy’s numbers might continue to grow, barring other factors, of course,” he said. “But if Best Buy fails to execute its promises, or if competitors step in to match Best Buy’s offering, interest might level off down the road.”