Petr-All moves loyalty from pump to store

Convenience store loyalty a key factor in Express Mart's future. (Express Mart)

Petr-All Petroleum Consulting Corp. has teamed up with mobile loyalty and online ordering applications platform Paytronix Systems to power a loyalty program for its Express Mart Convenience Stores. The Around the Clock Rewards program, which went live in February, will service 77 stores across New York state. 

Express Mart currently has 85 corporate and franchise retail outlets throughout the state and many are co-branded to include Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, Subway and Tim Horton's. The new rewards offerings will be available to guests to join via the store's mobile app or website.

“Loyalty programs are key to growing your business in any industry, including ours. Loyalty programs help develop and grow our customer base. We need this to stay competitive and present in our market," Ally McConaughy, loyalty and events manager for Petr-All Petroleum/Express Mart Convenience Stores, told FierceRetail. 

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Petr-All's new endeavor is looking to solve the industrywide challenge of moving fuel customers into the accompanying convenience stores. The new Paytronix data platform allows Express Mart to deliver highly relevant offers that motivate guests to make in-store purchases.

As the role of loyalty programs continues to expand in the world of retail, Petr-All is aware that it needs to differentiate itself in order to gain and retain customers.

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"Our slogan is 'not your average convenience store' because we do things that aren't typical to our industry," McConaughy said. "We have the same thought pattern with our loyalty program. With the help from Paytronix, we are tailoring the experience with the guest and our loyalty program. We want our program to be meaningful to our members, and our structure will provide and prove this to our guests. Working with Paytronix will make this happen."

In the future, McConaughy says that food service, and the desire for quick and convenient, will continue to grow, so companies will have to come up with new ways to achieve it. Specifically for her brand, Express Mart envisions eventually using the loyalty program as a platform for delivery, payment and more.