Microsoft puts kiosks in Canadian Best Buys

Best Buy
Best Buys in Canada will now host Microsoft kiosks. (Mike Mozart / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Shoppers in eight Canadian Best Buys can now learn about and test products through Microsoft kiosks. In partnership with Advanced, the kiosks highlight Microsoft's most popular software and hardware products and feature motion-activated ads, tutors and demonstrations. 

Each installation uses sensors to activate demos and ads based on how the user is interacting with the machine and how long they choose to engage. 

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“As a market leader in hardware, software and video games, Microsoft is well positioned to use modern technologies to heighten the in-store experience,” Daniel Demarchi, Advanced account manager, said. “Differentiation is paramount in a crowded retail environment, and we were thrilled to help bring Microsoft’s vision to life, creating interactive kiosks that entice multiple simultaneous guests to demo and learn about the company’s latest products.”

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The first kiosk, the Office, features a 55-inch LG display on each side and shows ads and tutorials and interacts with two laptops that consumers can use to demo the software. The second kiosk is an Xbox machine, with a similar LG display that highlights games and is connected to an Xbox and two controllers so that guests can play. It also includes another LG display on the back that highlights multiple gameplay. Finally the Windows' Cortana, Ink and Hello kiosk is connected to laptops and tablets and has a screen divided into multiple panels so that two or three people can use the kiosk at once and run products at their own speed.