Local meal kits launch in Target

Target store
Local Crate will roll out meal kits to more than 200 stores in Chicago and San Francisco. (Mike Mozart/CC BY 2.0)

Local Crate, a food company that delivers locally sourced meal kits, has launched retail meal kits in more than 200 California and Minnesota stores, including Target locations. Local Crate will also continue the expansion of its direct-to-consumer business in California as it looks to eventually roll out on a national scale. 

"Local Crate is a local-first food company. Meaning we incorporate regional and seasonal flavors into each kit and recipe in partnership with local chefs, local makers and local growers, and then give back to local hunger relief efforts in each growing region we serve," co-founder and CEO Frank Jackman told FierceRetail. "Because we are local, our meal kits are packed same day and delivered with up to 80% less packaging than the national players."

Local Crate's relationship with Target began when it was selected as one of the 10 startups in the Techstars + Target Retail Program in 2017. While in the program, Local Crate launched and tested five retail meal kits with Target.

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Only a few years old, Local Crate started in Minnesota in November 2015.The company offers a variety of weekly subscription plans to accommodate different household sizes and food preferences, and the subscriptions can be paused or canceled at any time. Each week, Local Crate rotates between 10 and 14 seasonal recipes. 

California is the second growing region for Local Crate and the third state for rollout (the company sells DTC in Illinois). Meal kits are now available at more than 200 Target stores and select Minnesota Co-Op grocery locations. 

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"Our retail business is rapidly growing with today's Target launch—in-store and online at Target.com—and general distribution launch with C&S Wholesale," Jackman said. "We are in active conversations now that we are available for general distribution in California and the Upper Midwest (Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa). DTC has been the bulk of our business to date, but our mission is to be wherever our customers want amazing local food, so we are thrilled to offer our kits in-store and online."

Jackman says that Local Crate is on its way to becoming the first locally driven food platform on a national scale. 

"Our mission at Local Crate is to serve our customers wherever delicious, fresh, local food is produced and consumed. Digitally, physically, in-home, out-of-home—it all centers around serving our customers and partners," Jackman said.