La-Z-Boy converts 600 buyers in one weekend

La-Z-Boy looked to Netsertive to equip their retail stores with the technology to run effective digital marketing campaigns to attract local customers. Credit: Mike Mozart/CC BY 2.0

La-Z-Boy has teamed up with Netsertive to help retailers execute digital marketing campaigns at the local level. Using the marketing technology company's MarketWise solution, the furniture manufacturer converted more than 600 high-intent furniture buyers on its website during a holiday shopping weekend. In total, the platform gave La-Z-Boy an 8% lift in in-store sales over the same weekend just one year before.

"MarketWise allows us to arm our retailers with localized, brand-compliant digital marketing campaigns and centralized support to ensure our retailers and promotions are showing up when and where consumers are looking to buy," said Gregory Pahl, director of marketing effectiveness at La-Z-Boy.

According to Netsertive's VP of sales and business development, Bob Bradley, consumers may use the internet to research purchases, but $9 out of every $10 spent on home goods like furniture, mattresses and appliances are spent in-store. Therefore, it's the job of brands to turn web research into foot traffic in local stores. The challenge is that there's an industrywide disconnect between brands and their local retailers. 

That's where Netsertive's products come in, to bridge the gap by equipping brands with the technology they need to run localized, brand-compliant digital marketing campaigns through their retailer networks, and retailers with turnkey digital marketing. 

Bob Bradley

“There’s a huge opportunity to help brands like La-Z-Boy engage and empower their local retailer network and truly bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds," Bradley told FierceRetail.

As exhibited in the success of the La-Z-Boy campaign, Netsertive's clients, on average, achieve a 24.4% conversion rate, 388% above the industry average of 5%. On average, shoppers click through Netsertive retailers' websites with a rate of 6.7%, 272% above the 1.8% average. 

When La-Z-Boy came to Netsertive, the company was looking to equip their retail stores with the technology to run effective digital marketing campaigns to attract local customers. 

During the critical Labor Day holiday, La-Z-Boy's goal was to drive digital awareness of its seasonal promotional offer, leading to an increase in foot traffic and ultimately, in-store sales. Using the "click-to-brick" approach of data-driven insights from the brand's nationwide retailer network and Netsertive's home goods expertise, they were able to drive conversions for local stores. Marketing experts monitored and updated campaigns in real-time for optimized effectiveness, with up to hundreds of data-driven adjustments a month. 

One of La-Z-Boy's retailers, Great Home Galleries, converted 600 furniture buyers on its website during the promotion weekend. That means 600 website visitors who saw online advertisements for La-Z-Boy's promotional sales clicked the ad, connected to Great Home's website and completed an action that had value to the store. Conversions included tracked and recorded store phone calls, downloading of the brand's special offer information, getting store directions and filling in a store contact form. 

Great Home Galleries reported an overall 8% increase in sales versus the same period in 2015. This increase was total sales across all their offered brands and products. Similar results were reported by additional participants in both the U.S. and Canada.

For Black Friday 2015, Netsertive planned a similar campaign for America's Mattress, running both search and display advertising online and placing promotional landing pages on store websites to capture new customers. The results were that the campaigns were seen 1.86 million times and resulted in more than 11,000 clicks to the dealers' sites in seven days. In addition, website traffic for participating dealers was up 448% over the previous year, and 60% of that traffic was attributed directly to Netsertive. In the end, participating dealers saw a lift in store sales of 8.7%. 

Bradley says that Netsertive is about to release their 2017 digital marketing intelligence report for home goods, which has all of their campaign data from 2016. 

"One of the most exciting outcomes generated by our technology: 8 out of 10 of our home goods clients paid $30 or less per conversion in 2016, a 50% savings versus the home furnishings industry average of $60 per customer," he said. 

Bradley confirms that online research paired with local shopping will continue to shape the retail landscape moving forward.

"Retailers must implement a robust omnichannel digital marketing campaign that reaches their local shoppers both online and offline to increase in-store sales in 2017," he said.