Kate Spade launches Paris flagship with an AR twist

Kate Spade's first Paris flagship infused shopping with AR.

Kate Spade has opened its first flagship in Paris. The store features an augmented reality experience that blends fashion, tech and media.

With help from brandtech group You & Mr. Jones, in cooperation with theAmplify—a tech-focused marketing company—and Zappar—a pioneer in augmented reality—the luxury brand has turned Paris into an interactive playground. 

The new building will also feature a unique code, built by Zappar, which can be found on the illustrated map and window decal. The code gives users the chance to unlock AR experiences. The Kate Spade code offers 4 billion unique versions of the code scheme, allowing for personalized and customized content. 

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“To celebrate the opening of our first Parisian flagship boutique, we wanted to create an experience above and beyond the traditional store opening event. The kate spade new york ethos is grounded in storytelling. Leveraging technology to invite Parisians to join in celebrating our arrival by exploring their city through the eyes of our brand felt very much us,” said Kristen Naiman, senior VP brand creative, Kate Spade. 

Consumers can download the Tapage app and can then see Paris from three distance influencers' vantage points. The experience is known as Joy Walks and combines marketing with the company's desire to make shopping fun.

The three lifestyle influencers, Adenorah, Natacha Birds and The Balloon Diary (Anna Dawson), reveal to users their favorite spots in the city. Through the app, users can visit 10 secret locations using the platform's interactive map.

On the map, users will visit real Parisian locations through the eyes of Kate Spade. For instance, pink flamingos may pop up by the Seine or a New York City taxi may drive down the streets of Paris. 

Users taking the walking tours are encourage to snap a photo and share them. When consumers finish the walks and arrive at the flagship store on Rue Saint-Honore, they will be rewarded with branded pins. 

“Our brand promise is grounded in inspiring our customer to lead a more interesting life. We are always looking for innovative ways—including new technology— to deliver on our customer-centric brand promise. We are focused on storytelling across a variety of platforms, ensuring that we create thoughtful, unique programming tailored for each specific opportunity,” said Mary Beech, executive vice president and CMO, Kate Spade.