Jos. A. Bank offering customized suits

Today's consumers are looking for opportunities to personalize their wardrobes, and tailored garments are no different. (Jos. A. Bank)

Jos. A. Bank has announced it will sell custom-made suits in its Reserve and 1905 lines. Customers will now be able to personalize their suits, sport coats, trousers, vests and formalwear with sizes ranging from slim and tailored to traditional and regal fits.

Consumers who choose from the Jos. A. Bank Reserve line can pick from more than 100 fabric options made in the United States and choose from a number of silhouettes. The tailored pieces will start at $1,198. 

Specifically, the 1905 line offers a traditional suit with a modern twist, with more than 60 fabrics to select from and pieces starting at $698. 

"We are very excited to offer a custom experience that completes our lifestyle brand," said Mary Beth Blake, brand president of Jos. A. Bank. "We felt this was the natural progression for our iconic heritage brand that has been dressing American men for over 100 years."

The move to customize comes as a 180 from where Jos. A. Bank was a few years ago, before its $1.5 billion merger with Men's Wearhouse. The brand used to heavily market its discounted deals on suits. 

But the timing could not be better, as today's consumers are looking for opportunities to personalize their wardrobes, and tailored garments are no different. Introducing custom suiting was the next evolution in leveraging the heritage, craftsmanship and quality that Jos. A. Bank has stood for since 1905, according to the brand. 

With the introduction of the customized suit lines, Jos. A. Bank is hoping to appeal to a wide demographic. As custom suits have long been perceived as only attainable by those with a big pocket book, the Reserve and 1905 custom programs will give customers the opportunity to experience the custom suiting process with all the fine details, but without the hefty price tag.  

At the same time, the new options solve a challenge for the well-dressed male in 2017. One of the hardest parts of buying a suit, according to the retailer, is finding the right fit. In fact, buying custom-made suits is a seamless experience that is "worth the wait" and much better fit than purchasing off the rack, according to Jos. A. Bank.

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