Combatant Gentlemen partners with Bloomingdale's

Combatant Gentlemen

Online men's fashion retailer Combatant Gentlemen has announced a partnership with Bloomingdale's to increase offline engagement.

Keeping with the trend of many online startups such as Warby Parker, Bonobos and Nasty Gal to expand into the physical world, Combatant Gentlemen recently opened its first permanent brick-and-mortar location in Santa Monica, California. The company also has hosted pop-ins at several Nordstrom locations.

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Now four Bloomingdale's locations in New York City, Washington, D.C., Orange County, California, and Chicago will host the brand's Summit Italy collection starting Oct. 13, unveiling six new suits and two new blazers. Summit Italy will be available in-person only for one week before launching on the Combatant Gentlemen's website.

The company has been predominantly selling online for four years but answered customers' request for a place to see, touch and feel the product. 

"As a young e-commerce brand, we have been very strategic about going offline," said Vishaal Melwani, CEO and co-founder of Combatant Gentlemen. "We need the right data and customer support to reinforce these decisions, and Bloomingdale's is such a great launch pad to support our ongoing omnichannel strategies, test out different markets and continue to grow."

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The shop-in-shops will in Bloomingdale's until the end of January 2017, but with the potential to expand.

Melwani said that the one-on-one in-store experience has become an important part of the overall experience for his customers. Along with the Made-To-Measure program, Combatant Gentleman has created a truly omnichannel shopping experience for its consumers.

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"We're excited to showcase our 'tech-first, fashion-second' approach in the offline space, and are looking forward to having four new homes where customers can be part of the Combatant Gentlemen experience – and with Bloomingdale's, no less," he added.