Baskin-Robbins turns employees into test consumers

Studies reveal that 86% of consumers share product recommendations while at work.

Baskin-Robbins recently tested a new way to market to customers using the Brands2Desk program by Interactions. The new program offers employees at companies near Baskin-Robbins franchises an opportunity to test a brand experience and share their feedback on new products from local and national brands. 

Employees receive a break during their workday as well as one-time coupons and incentives to sample and report on a new product. 

Baskin-Robbins decided to test out a new line of popcorn in two locations in Illinois and one in Tennessee. Through the Brands2Desk program, more than 1,700 samples were distributed to employees across 14 businesses in the areas surrounding the Baskin-Robbins store locations. 

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“We offered these select consumers a fun and exciting opportunity to be one of the first to taste Baskin-Robbins’ new product along with their colleagues at work. Participants were then invited to come back to the stores through exclusive limited-time offers,” Joshua Willard, business development manager at Interactions, told FierceRetail.

In the survey that followed, 62% of employees said they were likely or very likely to purchase the product in the future and 84% were likely or extremely likely to recommend the product to someone else. While Willard says they received a strong response from employees, next time Interactions plans to incorporate sweepstakes to further encourage participation. 

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The workplace can be an ideal spot for brand feedback, as studies reveal that 86% of consumers share product recommendations while at work. Brands2Desk allows retailers to share a product with a captive and competition-free audience of consumers.  

The advantage of marketing a product in this manner is all about the experience and the opportunity for a brand to create brand affinity,” Willard said. “Engaging consumers while at work is an effective method because they are receptive to the break in an otherwise average workday. This creates excitement and fun in a social setting with co-workers. Brands2Desk drives product awareness and trial through consumer education and experiential product sampling that help to deepen the consumer’s relationship with a brand.”