Amazon is 11% less expensive than other major retailers

Price wars heat up as Walmart gains some traction against front-runner Amazon.

When it comes to the online price wars, it seems that Amazon comes out on top, with average prices 11% lower than Walmart, Target and Jet. According to a new study from e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, Amazon may be in the lead but is slipping as Walmart is slowing gaining a foothold, with prices on average 3% more expensive than Amazon.

Back in 2014, a Profitero study found that Walmart's prices were 9% higher than Amazon for most items. In the 2017 study, Target prices were 17% higher and Jet 12% higher on average than Amazon. 

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Walmart is doing the best in the beauty department, as items are only about 1% lower than Amazon's beauty products, a big jump from 2014 when Walmart's beauty products were 10% more expensive than Amazon. And on the other end of the spectrum is electronics, found to be priced 7% higher on Walmart than Amazon.

Target was the most expensive of most major retailers, up from 10% more expensive than Amazon in 2014. And in the category of specialist retailer, Staples holds the most expensive spot, where products on average were 49% higher than on Amazon. 

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"Target has been increasingly emphasizing its Red Card loyalty program and personalized offers, which helps it offer value to its most loyal shoppers in ways that aren't directly comparable to competitors," Profitero senior vice president of strategy and insights Keith Anderson told FierceRetail. "I'd expect Target to continue to focus on value drivers like those, along with an emphasis on high-quality and differentiated own labels and channel-exclusives (e.g. its recent relationships with Harry's and Casper)."