55% of consumers would shop e-commerce site's physical location

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Maintaining a high quality of service will be a challenge for e-commerce retailers who make the jump to physical stores.

More than half of consumers, 55%, would consider shopping at a physical store opened by an e-commerce site such as Amazon Go. More specifically, 29% said they would “definitely” shop there, and 26% would “probably” shop there, according to ChargeItSpot, a provider of cell phone charging stations for major retailers, in its annual Online Retailer Report. 

On the flip side, 5% of those surveyed said they would “probably not” and 12% said “definitely not” when asked if they would shop at an online retailer that opened a physical store. 

Douglas Baldasare

“E-commerce companies have made it essential to be able to provide customers with convenience in the online experience,” said Douglas Baldasare, CEO and founder of ChargeItSpot. "According to the data, shoppers say that that same level of convenience in a brick-and-mortar scenario would be the chief motivator for their patronage.”

Looking at demographics, 61% of millennials were most likely to shop at a store opened by an e-commerce company. Shoppers between the ages of 35 and 49 were the next most likely at 57%, and 43% of shoppers between the ages of 50 and 65 were likely to do so. 

What would motivate these shoppers to pick the brick-and-mortar version of an online store? About 42% cited convenience, 20% said technology, 13% said lower prices, 10% out of curiosity and 3% wanted curbside pickup. 

“For consumers visiting a physical store, convenience is king. Neither flashy technology nor the novelty of seeing online brands in brick-and-mortar is enough to bring people through the door,” Baldasare told FierceRetail. 

As the future of retail will be a continuation of the blurring of lines between online and brick-and-mortar, brands will need to ensure a seamless experience across all mediums. Maintaining a high quality of service will be a challenge for e-commerce retailers who make the jump to physical stores.

“People expect a smooth shopping experience from companies like Amazon and will have little tolerance for hiccups at their brick-and-mortar locations,” Baldasare added. 

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