52% of shoppers will spend most on candy this Halloween

pumpkins in a field
Consumers are ready to spend this Halloween.

It seems some consumers are willing to shell out the big bucks for Halloween costumes this year, as 5% of those surveyed by ChargeItSpot who expect to spend between $200 and $300 this Halloween, will shell out more than half of their funds for costumes.

But candy seems to be the standout item in this year's "Halloween Shopping Report," as 52% of shoppers said they will spend the most money on candy this Halloween. 

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The next most would be spent on decorations, 11%, and party supplies, 9%. 

While a majority, 63%, of shoppers said they would spend less than $100 overall, 10% plan to spend more than $500. 

“Halloween is a big shopping holiday for candy and costumes,” said Douglas Baldasare, CEO and founder of ChargeItSpot. “According to the NRF, that shoppers are expected to spend $9.1 billion overall on Halloween supplies this year. According to our data, shoppers are planning to spend the most on sweets ahead of the holiday—a surprise since candy is generally a low-cost item. Even those who plan to spend $500+ will spend most of their budget on candy.”

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Most shoppers will get their Halloween supplies at a party store, 51%, and 30% will shop online. Another 13% will visit a seasonal pop-up shop and 7% will visit a big-box store. Candy is the top item that shoppers will look for at each type of retail location, except for at pop-up shops, where costume shopping takes the top spot.

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