Evolve or perish: The grocery store of 2017

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Retailers are experimenting with new ideas to meet changing customer demands.

Grocery amounted to a more than $600 billion industry in the United States in 2016, as grocery sales remained a critical centerpost for not only supermarkets but also big-box stores, dollar stores, convenience stores and other retailers. 

But the singular format, traditional brick-and-mortar supermarket may soon be a relic of the past as retailers must adapt to changing consumer demands or become obsolete. 

So what will that evolution entail? Retailers are experimenting with new store layouts, healthy and convenient choices, multiple shopping channels, faster pickup and delivery options, and an enjoyable shopping experience.

2016 was definitely a year of testing out these changes, and what will ultimately win customers over has yet to be determined. Startups, big name brands, and mom-and-pop shops continue to flesh out their grocery strategies.