Staff must fulfill several requirements in order to make BOPIS a realistic option. (Image: Walmart)

While many grocers say that delivery is not a viable option for them, buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) might be the winning model. 

“If you offer a limited amount of items on that platform, I think it will work,” Tony Orlando says.

Still, there are logistics and costs for retailers to work out before the BOPIS model works smoothly. This requires staff to fill orders, have a cooler near the front of the store for frozen and cold items, and make pull-up stations available in the parking lot.

Charisse Jacques ultimately sees BOPIS as becoming a viable option for many grocers.

“The key is really identifying which of the target customers are the most receptive to online grocery shopping and implementing a strategy to give them what kind of services they want—for example, BOPIS in a two-hour window versus a 24-hour window,” she says.