Zappos fires job listings, will recruit only on social media

Amazon-owned (NASDAQ: AMZN) Zappos is getting rid of traditional job listings and will instead rely exclusively on social media to recruit new employees.

The Las Vegas-based shoe e-tailer is launching its own social network, Zappos Insider, where potential job candidates will be able to interact with current employees and hiring managers.

"We want to get to know who you really are and not let our first meeting just be through a job posting," reads the landing page for Zappos Insider.

The company has completely eliminated all job openings from its website. Now, job information is listed exclusively on Zappos Insider which allows job seekers to choose the team they're interested in joining. From there, candidates are invited to participate in Q&A sessions, contests and other online activities designed to assess who's a good fit for Zappos.

The company plans to hire 450 new employees this year using the new Zappos Insider. Executives are hopeful the new system will be a better fit for both candidates and employees. Last year, the company received 31,000 online job applications and hired about 1.5 percent of those. But the high volume of online resumes paralyzed the company's seven-person HR team and resulted in thousands of unwarranted emails.

"We spam them, they spam us back," Michael Bailen, the company's head of talent acquisition, told The Wall Street Journal.

Zappos expects the number of job candidates to increase under the new social media network. It has partnered with Ascendify, a maker of talent-acquisition technology, to help sort the candidates based on skill sets and interests, organizing them into "pipelines" such as merchandising or finance.

The social network system comes from the same company that abandoned job titles and workplace hierarchy in December. The company instead practices holacracy, a management system that spreads authority and decision-making evenly across an organization.

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