Zappos creates Leap Day holiday

It only comes around once every four years, but Leap Day could be a new holiday if Zappos has its way.

The online retailer is giving all 1,600 of its employees a paid day off and is launching social media campaign #TakeTheLeap to promote a petition to have Leap Day declared a federal holiday.

Even Zappos' call center will be closed, a rare event for the retailer known for its 24-hour customer service. Callers will "hear an inspirational message encouraging them to celebrate Leap Day, letting them know we'll be available for them again around the clock after Leap Day," Kristin Richmer, a brand awareness staffer at Zappos, told Adweek.

"We're big proponents of our culture that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and bold stunts," she added. "So celebrating Leap Day in a big way simply makes sense for us as a brand, while maybe not so much for other brands. We want to give that day back to the people. It should be used as a bonus day to do good—for your community, your family or yourself."

The initiative borrows a page from REI's #OptOutside campaign where the retailer closed stores on Black Friday, gave employees a paid day off and encouraged them to share outdoor activities on social media.

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