Yummy.com grows millennial grocery concept

Upstart grocery delivery service Yummy.com has opened its sixth store in Los Angeles in its quest to target a very specific shopper: millennials.

Yummy.com is the latest iteration of HomeGrocer, and its newest location in Century City expands the company's delivery area. Yummy.com is developed for younger shoppers in their 30s, or older consumers who want more fresh options and fewer traditional brands.

Essentially, Yummy.com wants the Whole Foods shopper looking for a more curated, modern grocery experience – the very shopper Whole Foods is targeting with its new 365 Market.

Traditional grocers are quickly expanding online services and delivery options paired with brick-and-mortar locations, but Yummy.com is largely a delivery service with the stores acting as fulfillment centers for orders placed online and by smartphone. A very small percentage of purchases are made in stores.  

Barnaby Montgomery, CEO, told Supermarket News that the store "is focused on innovative systems for the modern customer's needs and preferences [with] a seamless, frictionless shopping experience powered by our proprietary shopping systems."

Each store carries about 4,000 SKUs, including freshly prepared foods. There are mounted tablets that let shoppers place orders with service areas such as the deli department to cut down on wait times while in the store. And mobile self-checkout will roll out soon, allowing shoppers to scan and pay for items on their iPhones.

The stores each fulfill between 125 and 350 orders daily.

Yummy.com projects it will process 30,000 orders a week, with an average order of $60. The company's annual sales are estimated at $20 million this year; sales are steadily increasing and rose 21 percent in 2015, according to Supermarket News.

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