You're Leaving This Money On The Table? For Shame

Dear StorefrontBacktalk Reader: I am truly surprised at you. Here you are, raised to be proud money-grubbing capitalists and you're leaving cash on the table like Bill Gates at a charity reception. (And can you believe how much Bill Gates jokes have changed in the last 15 years?) We've been giving away autographed copies of a best-selling security book and we still have some left. All we ask is that you fill out 5 minutes' worth of questions on a one-page survey about whether your trust your QSA.

Even if you don't like the book, they're selling for decent bucks on eBay even without the author's signature. Heck, they even make a great gift for that IT staffer who didn't get a raise last month because you really wanted him to quit. Seriously, we only have a few left and they are easy to turn into cash. Is a 5-minute survey such a lot to ask? And if you fill it out, I won't have to come back next week and beg even more pathetically.

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