Yankee Group MPOS Survey Is Optimistic, But Perhaps Needlessly So

The cash-wrap elimination is a true trend, according to a new Yankee Group report, as 61 percent of retailers with 500 or more employees have already deployed MPOS or say that they have plans to do so in the next 12 months. When reports combine reality and optimistic guesses a merchant writes down for a survey form (as opposed to telling senior management, no one can get in trouble for being wildly inaccurate on a survey form), we get nervous. First, how much of that percent is actual deployments (if it's anywhere near 61 percent, that's impressive) and what percent is what someone guesses they might do—if someone signs off—in 12 months. Also, the category "retailers with 500 or more employees" is bizarrely broad, as one would expect from any category that includes Walmart and a small regional grocery chain with a few dozen stores. Again, if that 61 percent were decently large chains (say, perhaps, more than $1 billion in annual revenue), it would be a lot more meaningful. Still, the fact that more than half of the polled retailers even said they will be doing MPOS is a hopeful note. Story