Wrath Over Grapes Turns Sweet

Grocers are getting complaints about a new variety of packaged grapes that supposedly tastes like cotton candy. The problem isn't the grapes' flavor, but the fact that some would-be customers immediately assumed they must be either genetically modified or injected with artificial flavors. Commenters on the Facebook pages of at least two small grocery chains jumped to that conclusion, and both chains had to respond that the grower—Grapery in Bakersfield, Calif.—created the grapes through traditional cross-breeding. Since Grapery appears to specialize in developing weird grapes (another offering is a long, blue grape called "Witch Fingers"), that's easy to believe. But it's another reminder that there's no such thing as being to quick to stomp on a rumor: At least one of the grocers ended up offering the grapes in four stores instead of one after the potentially negative publicity reversed itself into popular demand. Story