World's Smallest Contactless Card-Based Fob?

With an eye on ever-increasingly small payment devices, a Los Angeles company Thursday introduced what it dubbed the world's smallest card-based contactless payment fob, measuring in at 28.5 mm by 23.6 mm (1.125" x 0.93").

The company, Oberthur Card Systems, said that the sub-card--named VersaFOB--is snapped out of a full size card at the end of the production process and then inserted into a key-chain casing. MasterCard Worldwide has approved the mechanism as a PayPass product, Oberthur said.

The idea is that the device can be housed in whatever form a company would want, giving them flexibility in how the device would be used. "Until now, most contactless payment fobs have required custom equipment and unique processes to produce," said Oberthur President Philippe Tartavull. "Regardless of the final shape of the VersaFOB, it is based on a regular-sized card body and can be personalized and mass produced using industry standard practices. This enables Oberthur Card Systems to manage production costs and lower the barriers to entry from a cost perspective."