Will JCPenney's New Logo Help Erase Memories of Johnson?

It seems that J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP) is trying to erase most memories of former CEO Ron Johnson. In addition to abandoning Johnson's boutique home department strategy and reintroducing popular brands such as St. John's Bay, the retailer is returning to its pre-Johnson era logo.

The new logo is nearly identical to its pre-2012 logo: JCPenney spelled out in red letters. In 2012, Johnson and the retailer unveiled the blue and white JCP logo inside a red box with much fanfare. However, that logo had been falling out of favor for months, AdAge reported.

"Through recent consumer research, our customers overwhelmingly confirmed their preference for our classic J.C. Penney logo. As we transition to a more iconic and recognizable design, the change will give our loyal customers a sure sign that we're still the store they know and love," Kate Coultas, a spokeswoman for J.C. Penney, told AdAge.

J.C. Penney has been struggling to renew its image – and revive plummeting profits – since Johnson served as CEO. Among a number of missteps, Johnson's biggest pitfall was switching to an "every day low pricing" strategy in 2012 that removed coupons and limited the retailer's frequency of sales.

In addition, the chain was in a high-profile legal battle with Macy's over carrying Martha Stewart merchandise in its stores, not to mention lawsuits from contractors and other home goods suppliers over Johnson's failed upscale boutique home department strategy.

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