Whole Foods seeks brewmaster for in-store brewery

Whole Foods (NYSE: WFM) is looking to add a craft brewer to its payroll as the retailer experiments with adding a new in-house brewery to its upcoming Houston store.

The Austin-based grocer posted an ad looking for a brewmaster to manage brewing operations and a new craft-beer program that would include an in-store bar.

Nichole Becerra, who oversees the beer programs for all the Whole Foods in the Southwest, told the Huffington Post that the initiative is a logical extension of the retailer's in-store dining options that include bars at several locations in the U.S.

"As we developed our beer program and made it better, putting beer bars in our stores and offering growlers in our stores, it just seemed like a natural evolution for us," she said.

Kate Neu, marketing coordinator at Whole Foods told the Huffington Post there are currently no plans to open breweries throughout the chain, but the retailer isn't ruling anything out. "That's what started to happen with in-store bars," Neu said. "In a few regions, the stores started playing with it, and it became a widespread practice that's working really well. So that's definitely a hope the same thing could happen with breweries."

Several retailers have jumped on the craft beer craze, but most outsource operations. Some, including Whole Foods and even Duane Reade drugstores in New York have a growler filling program that lets shoppers fill jugs with fresh brewed beer, but none have launched an on-site program.

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