When It Comes To Smartphones, Don't Get Trapped By Conversion Rates

E-commerce conversion rates—the percentage of visits that result in a purchase—have been a useful way of measuring how well retailers are doing online. Better conversion rates times more traffic equals higher revenue. But that seems to fall apart with mobile commerce on smartphones, where usage is soaring but there seems to be no way to move the needle on conversion rates. The reason, argues GPShopper CEO Alex Muller, is that customers use their smartphones for activities that aren't really shopping. Instead, the phone provides instant answers wherever the customer is: Who has black pumps? What store has these black pumps cheaper, and how much cheaper? What's new this season in shoes? Those "micro sessions" may look like conventional shopping, but they shouldn't be judged the same way, Muller says. Otherwise your view of smartphone retailing is bound to become skewed. Story