What Went Wrong With Sears' IT Push?

Eddie Lampert's plan for Sears' repair has had a decidedly IT feel to it. Indeed, the chain—while struggling financially—has shown technology leadership repeatedly, particularly with mobile. Some in IT are worried because these aggressive tech investments at Sears don't seem to be helping. Although the question might be "Would anything help?" it doesn't look good for the poster child of strong IT investment to also be the poster child for struggling, financially unhealthy retailers. Bricks-and-mortar retailers face an important shift in consumer behavior and need to innovate. Some Wall Street financial analysts worry that Lampert is overemphasizing his technological ambitions while sales results at his stores suffer. "We're all interested and view the online and technology investments positively," said Paul Swinand, an analyst with investment researcher Morngingstar Inc. "So I guess we're trying to bridge the gap of how we get to a profitable company from where we are today." Story

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