Walmart Website Glitch Allows Customers to Buy $8 TVs, $33 Treadmills

A glitch on Walmart's (NYSE: WMT) website on Nov. 6 caused the site to display bargain prices, and led to an online shopping frenzy and sold-out products as word of the shocking deals spread across social media.

Video games that normally sell for $60 were selling for $18, treadmills were marked as $33, and large HDTVs were hundreds of dollars cheaper than normal. A 24-inch high definition Viewsonic computer monitor and an InFocus IN2124 projector were both listed for $8.85. Currently, the projector retails for $578.89 on

While some items were severley underpriced, others were priced way up.  A can of Lysol was reportedly listed for $100 while Kool-Aid packets were selling for more than $70.

Walmart has not decided whether or not it will honor orders placed with the erroneous prices. Walmart spokeswoman Ravi Jariwala told ABC News the company is "still working through those details."

Reps from Walmart are adamant that the glitch was a "technical error" and not the result of a website hack, as had been speculated on social media sites.

"I want to make very clear this is not a hack," said Jariwala. "This is an internal technical error."

The company also released a statement this afternoon apologizing to customers for the mixup.

"We experienced a technical error that caused some items to show incorrect pricing," Walmart said in a statement. "We are working quickly to correct the error and during this time, there may be intermittent site availability. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers."

Just two weeks ago, Walmart stores in Louisiana experienced a shopping frenzy when an error in the food stamps EBT system caused account limits to temporarily disappear.  Customers ransacked the store to load up shopping carts with hundreds of dollars worth of items.

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