Walmart's Fresh Angle gets results

Walmart (NYSE:WMT) has been revamping much of its grocery presentation and the new "angle" for fresh produce is starting to see results.

The "Fresh Angle" approach, as Walmart calls it, places fresh, unpackaged vegetables front and center, facing entrances and dominating the entrance to grocery departments inside supercenters.

The goal is to create the look and feel of a farmers market.

Fixtures are lower for better sightlines and the new bins hold less product while giving the impression of actually being more bountiful. Why less product? It better guarantees freshness, extends shelf life and helps reduce waste, according to the company.

"It was eye-opening how a department could look so abundant with less," wrote store manager Travis Moore on Walmart's corporate blog. "It's helping us reduce throwaways and operate more efficiently across the board. We've also received positive customer feedback at stores where Fresh Angle has been implemented."

The program is in 180 stores and will be rolled out to a total of 3,000 locations by year end.

"With Fresh Angle, we've developed a vehicle to deliver on those expectations," Moore said. "The impact has been immediate – and it's growing."

Walmart has shifted focus to fresh foods by expanding the department and adding more natural and free-from products. Already, the effort is attracting a larger number of millennial shoppers.

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