Walmart Pushing Its Same-Day Delivery Strategy

When Walmart started pushing its same-day delivery, I don't think they had in mind what Kansas City Walmart shopper Marsheanna Clark did on Saturday (Dec. 8). Then again, neither did the newborn that she delivered there. The 20-year-old, 39-weeks-pregnant Clark was standing in the checkout lane when soon-to-be-newborn Marshayla decided that checking out would be a good move. Her water broke, which is an indication of a birth that needs to happen quickly. (Not always, though—my wife's water broke some 15 hours before our daughter was born, but I think that was mostly done to torture me.)

As Clark went to the parking lot and was about to create her very own Walmart self-checkout lane, an off-duty police officer saw her and assisted in the parking lot customer creation. An impromptu delivery area was created using one of the Walmart benches, with assistance from a firefighter and someone described merely as a Salvation Army bell-ringer. (Look for an imminent Walmart ad touting a woman who grocery-shopped at the Kansas City Walmart and left the premises 10 pounds lighter.)