Walmart's new money transfer program

Walmart has partnered with MoneyGram to launch a new money transfer platform.

The new program is an extension of the companies' existing partnership that lets Walmart customers send money to other locations or accounts. It improves the money transfer experience for shoppers and offers a streamlined process and new feature that tracks transfers.

"We are pleased to be a part of this exciting opportunity to help Walmart deliver a true omnichannel experience. For nearly 20 years MoneyGram and Walmart have worked together to provide our customers with the highest quality and most convenient financial services," says Juan Agualimpia, MoneyGram's chief marketing officer and Walmart senior leader. "This new offering is a testament to our combined commitment to our customers."   

"Improving the customer experience to save time as well as money is a priority for Walmart," says Kirsty Ward, senior director of financial services. "This new digital experience for MoneyGram transfers at is another example of delivering seamless solutions for customers wherever they choose to shop."  
Walmart has long offered a variety of money transfer and financial services. Many of its shoppers do not have credit cards or bank accounts. Money transfers and programs that let them buy online and pay with cash are a growing part of Walmart's business.