Walmart, Home Depot rank in top 5 most influential brands

Walmart scored near the top of retailers with the most positive impact on the community.

Walmart and Home Depot were ranked among the top five brands with the biggest impact on U.S. communities, according to consumers. 

In Morning Consult's Community Impact Rankings, Walmart came in third on the list and Home Depot came in fifth. Other notable retailers to make the top 10 rankings included Walgreens (6), Amazon and Google (7), Dollar Tree (8), Lowe's (9), and Target (10). 

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While most retailers scored low when asked if the brand had a negative impact on the community, the retailers with the highest negative score included Starbucks, 10%; McDonald's, 17%; Burger King, 11%; and Taco Bell, 9%. 

But when the data is looked at from a state and regional level, instead of national, different retailers stood out. In the West, Costco stood out in six states for its positive community impact. In New England, Dunkin Donuts was the clear winner. And in the South, Chick-fil-A reined supreme. Other retailers that had a positive image in a state included Dollar General for Louisiana, Kohl's for Wisconsin, CVS in Connecticut, and Rite Aid in the New York, New Jersey and Maryland areas. 

It's not surprising that Home Depot has such a positive reputation in the community. The home improvement chain is coming off of a stellar quarter, due in part to economic recovery and also two large hurricanes that swept through this past season.