Walmart Factories In Bangladesh Fail Safety Inspections

Following a series of safety audits in Bangladesh, Walmart (NYSE:WMT) says it has identified concerns at several factories it does business with and is actively pushing for improved conditions.

The retailer recently began testing the safety of more than 200 factories in Bangladesh, and so far 32 have failed inspections, a company spokesman told Reuters. Of these 32 factories, two of them have since made improvements, the representative added.

So far, only 75 factories have been audited, and Walmart reports that it will announce results for other factories as the inspections are completed.

In April, the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh killed 1,129 people, and another 112 people perished in a factory fire there in November. Both incidents have brought attention to the unsafe conditions in the country's garment industry, forcing retailers to commission additional inspections and lobby for heightened worker safety. 

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