Walmart edges out Target for most powerful company in U.S.

Walmart (NYSE:WMT) ranked as the most powerful company in the United States, with Target (NYSE:TGT) coming in at a close second, on Business Insider's list of 50 most powerful companies in America.

What quite possibly put Walmart over the top was its ingenuity to expand into 28 countries around the world, accounting for most of its current success. However, Target is far from being discountable as the big-box staple has become a U.S. household name do to its many designer and celebrity collaborations.

The 50 retailers that topped this year's list were ranked based on many criteria, including the average employee pay and how many social media followers each business had on Facebook and Twitter.

Looking at strictly revenue, last year Walmart brought in more than $485 billion while Target was not even close at just over $72 billion. The number of employees at Walmart also far outweighed the number at Target, coming in at 1.4 million and 347,000, respectively.

Full Business Insider Walmart vs. Target infographic here

However, Target beat out Walmart with 100 percent employee equality, versus Walmart's 90 percent employee equality. Both companies announced a hike in employees' minimum wage this year. Target upped the starting salary to $9 per hour in April. Soon after, Walmart made the same pledge to raise the minimum wage to $9 last spring and to $10 in 2016.

With social media being as powerful as it is, Target weighed in with an impressive 1.7 million followers on Twitter versus the 695,000 following Walmart. Not to mention, Target is clearly more buzzed about, getting 48 million news mentions on Google in the past year versus Walmart's 2.71 million mentions on Google.

Out of 10 criteria in total, Walmart won out on seven, leaving Target winning the battle for three items.

Other retailers that made the top 50 most powerful companies list include CVS Health (No. 42), eBay (No. 41), Starbucks (No. 35), Nike (No. 32), Kroger (No. 27), Apple (No. 7), and Amazon (No. 4).

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