Walmart Continues Lobbying for India Entry

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) has continued to lobby with US lawmakers on foreign direct investment (FDI) matters to enter India's retail sector. The retailer has spent $1.5 million in the quarter according to its latest Lobbying Disclosure Form submitted to the US Senate. The spend is part of Walmart's ongoing efforts to establish a presence in India, after ending its rocky partnership with Indian conglomerate Bharti Enterprises, a joint venture that included about 20 wholesale stores, earlier this month.

Lobbyists from Walmart discussed nearly 50 specific issues related to the Indian market with US lawmakers during the quarter ending Sept. 30. Walmart is negotiating with legislators to facilitate its growth in India where lobbying is illegal. Lobbying is legal in the US, but the companies and their registered lobbyists must share in-depth disclosures about their activities each quarter. Walmart's lobbying activities covered the Senate, House of Representatives, Department of State, US Trade Representatives, US Agency for International Development and the Department of Labor.

Walmart had halted its lobbying with the US lawmakers and federal agencies on India-specific issues in the second quarter after requesting their support since 2008 to facilitate its entry into the Indian economy. Due to strict sourcing restrictions, among others, many retail chains such as Walmart have struggled to set up shop in India.

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