Walmart beats Amazon and Supercenter on price

In the Kantar Retail third annual showdown of Walmart versus Amazon pricing, (NYSE:WMT) beat out both Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Walmart Supercenter for lowest prices. While historically the Supercenter has had the lowest price points, this year's results show a closer alignment of and the Supercenter, with Walmart's e-commerce store putting up the most competitive offers.

"From a brick and mortar standpoint, Walmart has long held a reputation as a price leader," said Anne Zybowski, VP with Kantar Retail and contributor to the study. "While Walmart looks to offer consistently low prices across channels, it is also contending with the dynamic pricing realities online retail entails."

She added, "As shoppers increasingly incorporate digital and e-commerce into their purchase decisions, retailers are adopting more nuanced approaches that go beyond low price."

In addition, the study revealed a checkout basket at a Supercenter was 5 percent more than, a reversal from last year's study when the Supercenter was 7 percent cheaper. Amazon's basket was 12 percent more expensive than the Supercenter and 17 percent more expensive than In the grocery department specifically, Amazon was 37 percent more expensive than both Walmart channels.

Last week Walmart unveiled some new initiatives as it gears up for the holiday selling season. The big box retailer is offering deals on its broadest assortment ever, with pricing rollbacks on 20,000 items, double the amount of what's offered on a normal day. Phillip Oaks, VP of merchandising at Walmart e-commerce also emphasized the company's "renewed emphasis on customer service," and spoke of the Checkout Promise, a previously announced pledge to make sure every register is open in every store during the busy holiday season.

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