Is Wal-Mart Warming To Global IT Outsourcing?

Wal-Mart has historically had a strong fondness for its own homegrown apps, given the $401 billion chain's rather absurdly large size. The company has liberalized that policy recently, allowing a few shrink-wrapped enterprise apps to slip in. Now there's a report in Economic Times that Bentonville is seriously considering an Indian business process outsourcing contract that could include "non-core processes of procurement, merchandising, finance, accounting and payroll" and be valued at as much as $500 million.

The story quoted from a Wal-Mart document that said "Wal-Mart will expand staffing of certain elements of IT application maintenance and development with some of India's leading information technology firms. India is one of several countries that the company is targeting as part of its remote sourcing model for IT activities." Vendors in the running, the story said, include IBM, TCS, WNS and Wipro.